Hello There!
My name is Shai Long, I'm originally from England and moved back and forth between Kent and Minnesota with my parents. After graduating with a BS degree in Interior Design, a  minor in fashion, too many cold winters and a stint in France I ventured on my own to San Francisco. I eventually graduated from The Art Institute of California-San Francisco with a BS degree in Graphic Design. I currently live in New York City. 

Management has always been another passion of mine and I have been lucky enough to be able to use both my design and leadership skills. I recently acquired the Project Management Professional Certificate (2016) and have managed a global team of nearly one hundred. You can check out all my skills and experience here http://www.shailongcreative.com/vita/

Over the past seven years, I have worked on many projects furthering my experience with branding, typography, web and packaging design as well as creative direction. I bring a strong proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite. I also come with a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, Javascript and 2 AA batteries included.

I love learning new things and styles of design and management. In addition to inventing informative visual designs, I strive for quality and originality in all of my projects. Head over to my Graphic and Web portfolio to see some samples of my work.


My design experience has opened doors to many new ventures including Fashion Marketing. Some of my artwork can be seen here in one of my marketing ventures. Check out one of my online stores. This link is directed to and filed by social media.



Recruiting, Hiring, and Team Building I am anxious to organize and execute an inspiring candidate experience. I love meeting new people and building relations with them. I see my self as nurturing and humble. I have hired and managed a global team of almost one hundred in offices in India, London, Las Vegas, and New York and have worked on everything from creating welcome packets, building teams, systems and process, to promotions to managing the CEO’s calendar to planning the company holiday party. I feel people should feel valued above all. I also have an extensive knowledge of talent acquisitions through various sites and systems.


Project Management and Team Management have been huge parts of my working life. I really enjoy working with a team to get things done and seeing my to do list get smaller. I recently acquired the Project Management Professional Certificate (2016) and have managed a global team of nearly one hundred.



Another example of my entrepreneurial spirit driven by my design background is my Event Planning projects. I am experienced in planning, organising, marketing, and hosting events as well as designing the promotional materials and website for my self and my clients. My main example of event planning is for the alternative events category. A niche that many will not endorse but for the sake of equality I happily support. Check out my site below.



One of the biggest parts of my creative experience has been in Photography. I enjoy this medium most to any other form of artistic expression. I travel the world getting shots to add to my portfolio and texture backgrounds to use and publish as creative assets. I also freelance in product photography and portrait photography. I photograph all my clients head shots for their sites as well as all of the product photography in my Graphic and Web portfolio. Check out my photo portfolio on Flickr.



Check out my Vita (CV) for my full list of education and experience. Thanks for reading and hope to meet you soon!

From Pre Planning To Pixel Perfection — Shai Long Creative