Hi There!

I’m Shai, originally from England but moved back and forth between Kent and Minnesota with my parents. After graduating with a BS degree in Interior Design, a minor in fashion and too many cold winters I spent some time teaching in France before I ventured out to San Francisco. I eventually graduated from The Art Institute of California-San Francisco with a BS degree in Graphic Design and management. I currently live in New York City. After working on various management, organisation and design projects I made my way into Real Estate Marketing. I am a licensed Real Estate Agent.

Management has always been another passion of mine and I use both my design and leadership skills to smoothly manage anything from an office or project to reception desk or principles calendar. On the side I also run my own event planning business and I am a certified Project Management Professional. In my experience I have had a majour focus on recruiting and managed a global team of nearly one hundred. You can check out all my skills and experience here.