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I was born in Rochester Kent England and grew up drawing on everything, Ink on paper was my favourite way to express myself. I have since turned that passion into something real.

INK OF KENT is a brand for the ones who don't fit in. The ones who shouldn't try to fit in. It's a brand for the others finding their own way.

It was created firstly as a way to support The Point Foundation. The designs are my inspirations and expressions out on a practical canvas. I am so thankful to be able to support a great cause - to empower LGBT students and bring these cool styles to life. Enjoy!


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All styles available on all products. Clothing style may vary.

INK OF KENT Bag6.jpg

Cosmic Dragon Style #6

Ink Of Kent logo among a cosmic splat of colour.

INK OF KENT Hat11.jpg

Painted Fire Style #11

I just love the way orange blends into red.

INK OF KENT Scarf10.jpg

Fuck Clothes Go Naked Style #10

Fuck Clothes Go Naked indeed!

INK OF KENT Shirt2.jpg

We Are All Human Style #2

We are more alike than we are different!

INK OF KENT Trousers9.jpg

Male Female Whatever Style #9

This design was inspired by the idea that were all human no matter what people call us or we identify as.

INK OF KENT Dog Jacket3.jpg

Oops Style #3

Because sometimes...oops.

INK OF KENT Bag5.jpg

INK OF KENT Style #5

Ink Of Kent in red and orange.


Lucky Thirteen Style #13

Coming Soon! To VHS and DVD

INK OF KENT Trousers8.jpg

This Is A Shirt Style #8

Also available on a shirt, although less funny.

INK OF KENT Skirt4.jpg

IK Dragon Logo Style #4

Ink Of Kent logo with IK in the Ink Of Kent brush stroke style.

INK OF KENT Shirt7.jpg

If You Must Style #7

If you must wear clothes wear this! Really! Wear this!


Moron The Way Style #12

Not moron you moron. He means... More, on the way!