Office Management

Every new position is a learning experience. In past positions I have worn many hats, from full office manager to mail room guy. From calendar management to supply ordering. Big or small I enjoy it all.

Project Management 

Has been a huge parts of my working life. Even in my personal life I think of everything as a mini project to be managed. I really enjoy working with a team to get things done and seeing my to do list get smaller. I am a certified Project Management Professional.

S.M.A.R.T goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound

Team Management 

Whether managing my assistant or a large team I have done a bit of it all. I managed global teams in London and India as well as local teams in Las Vegas, and New York. I feel the most important part of managing a team is finding the right personality for the task.

S.W.O.T Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity, Threats

Admin, Reception, Executive Assistant, Data Entry.
I have done it all in some form and even though my experience has brought me to bigger things still no job is too small.


Recruiting, Hiring, and Team Building I am anxious to organise and execute an inspiring candidate experience. I love meeting new people and building relations with them. I see my self as nurturing and humble. I have hired and managed a global team of almost one hundred in offices in India, London, Las Vegas, and New York. I have worked on everything from creating welcome packets, building teams, systems and process, to promotions, managing the CEO’s calendar and planning company holiday parties. I feel people should feel valued above all. I also have an extensive knowledge of talent acquisitions through various sites and systems.

Organisational Specialist Consultant. 

An organisation that isn't organised is in danger of failing, and the health of any profitable business depends on its workforce and how they operate. This is someone who works with a company to edit its processes and procedures to make it healthy and efficient. That's what I do. Organising small businesses or people to be more efficient.

  • Create file systems

  • Create process

  • Plan and implement training

  • Engineer guidelines for how to perform tasks

  • Standardise naming conventions

  • Standardise filing architecture and placement guidelines

  • Centralise information

  • Set up templates and blank documents

C.M.M Centralise information, Minimise the unneeded, Modernise what can be improved